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What's beyond this point?

I don't know. But I'm not waiting to find out.

Witty Repartee, Doofus of the grandest kind.
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if I get too surly, will you take that into stride?

I'll conjure up theories, make fun of others, recreate situations for my deteriorating mind to remember.

So I'll show some love and respect

I have an intense love of listening to music. some of it is scream-a-tastic and others are the melodic lulls of final fantasy. I prefer alternative, classic, indie, and foreign things.


So, I like conversations, I like opinions, and even if i don't respond many times, I like reading entries that are interesting. none of those things that just HURTS to read, yahknow?

I've no sense of time since we've started this thing out

if you have any inclination to add, do it, and if you feel a need to de-friend, feel free.
Oh, for a postit note, I will reply to comments and leave random comments.
I'm...slowly getting addicted to LJ again, but my love for Questionable Content is greater.

I Love Gaara

OH, How I Love you in the Evenings...